Water Features

Ready to turn your yard into a slice of paradise?

Enjoy the peaceful sound and mesmerizing sight of falling water with Suncoast Custom Pools’ array of water features. From a shimmering sheet to a tumbling cascade, our wide selection of water features will bring your pool to life.

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Sheer Descent waterfalls come in several different sizes and formations. They can be added to an existing pool or included in your new construction project.

You can even add fiber-optic colored lighting to enhance this feature!

Individually designed rock-formation waterfalls can stand alone, or they can be added to your new construction or existing pool design.

Bring natural beauty into your backyard paradise.

There are many choices of spillover water fountain features, which can be built to fit the design and style of your pool while complimenting the aesthetics of your home.

Another great choice of water features is including in your spa design a bubbler and cascading multi-tiered step.

This is often a favorite choice when augmenting an existing pool.

Whether it’s dancing dolphins, abstract designs or even a favorite team’s mascot, Suncoast Custom Pools offers mosaic and deco choices that can be added to any section of your pool. Large or small the possibilities are endless!

When creating your own backyard resort there’s no limit to the unique fountain choices available with several options of tile selections and spillover designs.

These are just a few of the infinite features and designs that can be added to an existing pool or included in your new pool construction. Additional options include virtually chlorine-free salt generator systems, ambient air heat pumps which can dramatically decrease the cost of heating your pool, sensors which control spa functions by remote control, solar heating, navigation cleaning systems, etc. All these contribute to simplifying and heightening your backyard experience

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