SWFL’s #1 Pool Contractor for Homeowners

SWFL’s #1 Pool Contractor for Homeowners

When our customers tell their friends and neighbors who built their beautiful new pools – they often refer to us as Southwest Florida’s #1 Homeowner Pool Contractor.

We build custom designed pools. We do not work for builders or developers…. we work specifically for homeowners which makes our designs that much more unique. We have more flexibility in the choice and quality of materials and more choice in tailoring the design to fit your house and surroundings. The end result is that you benefit from our expertise and our specialty with dealing directly with homeowners..

We have detailed below a case study from one of our customers in Cape Coral. This will give you more insight as to why we have the great reputation that we do. Once you have read this case study, we ask that you contact us on (239) 631-5502. We’d be happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote on a swimming pool for your home. You can also contact us using our online contact form.

A Cape Coral Custom Pool Case Study

“First of all we would like to a big thank you to Suncoast Custom Pools for a beautiful pool and an excellent experience.”

“Due diligence is what I preach and of course did so with this project. We met with four pool contractors including SunCoast looking for Quality, Price, Timely Manner and Trust. After four bids, checked references and Better Business Bureau we were close to making our decision.”

“The last piece was trust that was very important to us. Josh always followed through with what he had promised and was available to answer all questions that we had. Josh had an excellent sales pitch and it was very apparent that he truly cared about the customer and what sun coast stood for.”

“This was why we chose Suncoast to construct our custom pool:”

  • Quality – Excellent”
  • Price – Very Competitive”
  • Timely Manner – Right on track”
  • Trust – Hard to put into words”

“The project started right on time and on schedule and the only down time was waiting for periodic inspections. At the end of every work day my husband and I were very impressed with the quality, pride and detail to each part of the process not to mention how highly each crew spoke of Josh and Suncoast Pools.”

“Well the bubble burst on the second inspection and things came to a standstill. Failed.”

“As soon as this happened Bill and Josh dropped everything and came out to the house to meet with us and discuss the issue and to assure us that all would be fine and a simple signature would take care of things and we would be back on track. After a few days and many phone calls and meetings with the city we found out that this was not as easy as we originally thought.  We would have to file for an official variance and this could take months with possibly the same outcome. Tear out the pool and move it.

“We had already paid for the project up to this point which was 50% of the balance. If you could imagine how we were feeling. We thought we had the right contractor and thought we could trust them but at this point we figured things were not looking good for us and that maybe we had made a wrong choice in choosing Suncoast Pools.”

“The error was not our mistake nor was it Suncoast’s mistake but someone would have to pay for it. We did some soul searching and felt that we would dig our heels in and file for an official variance and wait it out and continue to trust in Suncoast Pools. In our hearts we knew we could not expect Suncoast to tear the pool out at their cost.”

“Bill and Josh came out to meet with us as soon as they had their last meeting with the city to discuss our options. Bill took one look at us and told us that there were no options he said:”

“Josh set things in motion at that moment and told us that they would be there the next day to tear it out and start forming the new pool and we would be back on track. He contacted all of the crews and they were all on board to put this project on the front burner.”

“With the unexpected setback we still feel that this was a great project and experience. Not only do we have the most beautiful pool around we have some new found friends that we hope will be around for a long time.”

“Bill and Josh have not only earned our trust they have earned our utmost respect!

“With Warmest Regards,”

John and Susan Stehli
Cape Coral, Florida
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