Pool Financing

Pool Financing

Suncoast Custom Pools does not offer in house financing but we are pleased to offer our clients great financing options through a number of specialist lenders that service the leisure industry. Please contact the specialist lenders below directly to answer any of your questions regarding financing for your swimming pool project.

Recommended Pool Finance Companies

Lyon Financial 

HFS Financial

Home 1st Lending

Please contact Ivan Miller
Tel: 239-449-3128
Email:  IvanMiller@synovus.com

Why Finance?

Did you know that a pool will not only add beauty to your home, it can also add value to it as well? Banks and other financial lenders will often look favorably upon swimming pool financing because they see it as “home improvement”, which will increase the value of the home and eventually the resale value.

Pools are typically financed through a long-term mortgage similar to the one used to purchase your home. Since you can spread out the payments on your pool over a longer amount of time than, for example, a home entertainment system, your monthly payments are often small enough to make your dream pool affordable.

Don’t let sticker shock keep you from getting the pool of your dreams. Financing a pool is just like financing a house, car or any other major purchase. A seemingly overwhelming sum can be easily broken down into manageable monthly payments.

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