Custom Pool Design

Suncoast Custom Pools can create a resort style environment right in your back yard.

Let our team help you visualize the potential by going through possible designs, layouts and options. We have been in business over 30 years serving tens of thousands of home owners in the Southwest Florida region since 1983.

Once you’ve decided to invest in your home (and a happier lifestyle!) by adding a new swimming pool, there are many important decisions to be made. The most important decision is choosing your pool builder. We understand the importance of this decision so we have included numerous testimonials from our customers and a vast array of images in our gallery that showcase our professional work. We hope to become your pool builder too.

After choosing your pool contractor you’ll then need to make some decisions about the layout / design, materials, surrounding landscaping, enclosures, spas etc. Decisions reflecting what you and your family want out of a pool. Everything from the type of construction and pool surface materials, to the floor surface / paving around the pool to lighting and control systems.

We consider all aspects of the entire environment. The shape of the pool (a standard or a custom design), water features, location of the pump, size of the surrounding shrubs or trees and more.

Our project team will go through all aspects of the process with you until you are satisfied that you can make an informed decision. We realize it is a big investment… and like a house – it is one you need to be happy about every day you wake up.

We can begin the process as soon as you are available for our project team to do a site walk-through.

From there we will discuss all the various possibilities and their associated cost estimates.

To arrange a meeting to go over custom pool design possibilities, please call Josh or Bill on 
(239) 631-5502 or alternatively use our online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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2575 Northbrooke Plaza Dr, Suite #209